Police: Woman hit in face with pot, stabs woman

Carmen Cocklin was booked on charges of Misdemeanor Assault, Trespassing, and two counts of child neglect

OMAHA, Neb (FOX 42 KPTM)-- Omaha police are looking into a fight in North Omaha between two women that lead to one getting hit in the head with a pot and another getting cut on the face.

Police say it happened Monday night just after 6:30 near Crown Point Avenue and 52nd.

Witnesses told police Carmen Cocklin hit Jazzinique Woodfork in the face with a pot in the home.

Officers say Woodfork then cut Cocklin on the forehead with a knife.

Bother women were taken to Immanuel Hospital, but neither were hurt badly.

Cocklin was booked on Misdemeanor Assault, Trespassing, and two counts of child neglect.

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