Alpaca field turned yoga studio helps people shed life's stress

Alpaca field turned yoga studio helps people shed life's stress

Life is distracting, but in a rolling field just outside Fort Calhoun, the bouncing, humming and distraction is kind of the point.

"We spend all of our time right, maintaining and being and doing good things," said yoga instructor Lauren Roads, who holds her classes along side alpacas.

Every few months, the fields at Alpaca for the Heartlands get turned into a yoga studio.

Here, the people are herded together, and the alpacas are free to roam.

"It's sort of enticing to say hey, come and check out yoga with these distractions around you," said Roads. "I think one of the things they get out of it whether they know it or not, is they get to experience nature."

Just because the animals are fluffy doesn't mean the yoga is too.

"You connect with nature which is different than a typical yoga class and I thought that was really neat and really different and challenges you still," said yoga student Laurie Grobes.

It's a challenge to the body, but really a challenge to the mind: to stop and let go of the distraction we call life.

"We're so surrounded by our fellow humans all the time and our egos and sometimes we butt up against each other and sometimes we embrace each other," said Roads, "but animals don't have a lot of that going on, they're just living, they're just being fully present."

Her hope is that simply by being in a field, surrounded by alpacas, her students can take away a little bit of that life.

"In their element, not distracted, just living and being," said Roads.

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