Anonymous letter proves diamond ring to be a real donation

Anonymous letter proves diamond ring to be a real donation

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-The mysterious diamond ring that was found in a non-profit's donation box is said to be a real donation.

M,A,Yah works for The Heartland News. It is a non-profit organization in north Omaha.

Earlier this month, the group was outside Walmart collecting donations. That's when someone slipped the ring inside the bucket.

"Whoever dropped this in there,maybe they had it in their hand, hand full of change--and the ring was in the change and they didn't mean to drop it in there," says M, A,Yah.

"I didn't want to sell the ring, not knowing if it was donated on purpose."

However, it was on purpose, along with a $100 money order. M, A, Yah found out after receiving a letter from an anonymous person. The person did not want to share their information, only the gift.

"All of that really meant a lot to me and my staff."

M,A,Yah plans to frame the letter and auction off the ring.

"I'm going to auction it off on eBay to the highest bigger, start off with $1,500 to see what we can get for it."

The money will be used to print newspapers for homeless people to sell.

"The ring, the letter, the feeling we got from it just motivated us to keep pushing."

M,A,Yah says he will post the ring on eBay within a week.

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