Attempted robbery at Kwik Shop that was robbed the day before


OMAHA,Neb( FOX 42 KPTM)-- Omaha police are looking into a series of robberies around the metro right now.

The Kwik Shop on 32nd and Q Street was hit twice just a day apart.

In the latest robbery though, the crook didn't get away with anything, but police say the clerk had a gun waived in their face.

Officers say the man walked into the store around 11:45 Wednesday night, showed a gun and demanded money, but left without getting anything.

Police have surveillance video of the robbery from Tuesday morning. In that crime officers say the man had a gun, stole some cash, then ran off heading east along q street.

Another gas station was robbed Thursday morning, just an hour after Wednesday night's Kwik Shop robbery.

Officers say a person wearing similarly described clothes walked into the Bucky's at 40th and Dodge, showed a gun and demanded money.

That person got some cash and took off north from the store.

Investigators think the two robberies are related.

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