Bellevue Police Officers Association now has "no confidence" in chief

Chief Mark Elbert

The Bellevue Police Officers Association said Wednesday it no longer confidence in police chief to continue as its leader.

The union, which represents the officers, sergeants and detectives of the Bellevue Police Department, met Wednesday.

At the meeting, the union says it was presented with "substantial evidence that Chief Mark Elbert had engaged in actions that reflect a pattern of dishonest and deceptive conduct in his carrying out the duties of the Chief of Police."

The union says that evidence includes tape recordings of Elbert instructing a member of the department to intentionally deceive other members of the department and to conceal actions of the chief that the chief stated were contrary to the desires of the City Administrator, the Human Resources Director, and the City Attorney for the City of Bellevue.

The union says the recordings included statements of others in the department that confirm the chief’s statements to the employee were untruthful.

Also discussed at the meetings was a pattern of the chief of police initiating multiple internal affairs investigations against union leadership as retaliation for union activity.

The union says it also discussed evidence that the chief had made derogatory comments towards women and racial minorities.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the FOP voted to advise the City of Bellevue administration that its officers have no confidence in Mark Elbert to continue as the leader of the Department.

Jim Maguire, the President of the State Fraternal Order of Police, was invited to the meeting to assist in advising the FOP with this extraordinary situation. Maguire is a 25 year veteran of law enforcement in Nebraska.

Maguire stated that: “These actions are intolerable for any leader of a Police Department. It violates everything that law enforcement officers commit to when taking the oath of office and committing to live lives of high ethical standards. The position he put this officer in is unacceptable. The use of his power to attack FOP leaders is unacceptable.”

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