Thousands flock to Omaha for Berkshire's annual shareholders meeting

OMAHA -- It's time for Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder's Meeting.

People are now flocking to Omaha from all over the world, and shareholders get to hear the oracle of Omaha speak.

'Berkeyville' is what they call it.

Some say it's a version of Disneyland for investors to shop, to learn and to shop some more.

This all happens at the first day of the Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting.

Thousands of people make their way to Omaha, like Courtney Henderson who made the trek from Destin, Florida.

She said, “We are very interested in investing and learning as we're getting older and trying to kind of plan our future.”

Henderson says the Berkshire share was a Christmas present for her and her fiance.

"We wanted the opportunity to hear Warren Buffet speak in person, and this was the most affordable way to make that happen," she said.

Dave Inman said, “"it’s incredible the variety of different businesses that Berkshire Hathaway owns."

If it's picking up rubber ducks from Oriental Trading or an ice cream from Dairy Queen, his 7-year-old Connor tried to hit the jackpot.

"Well it’s fun for me because I get of just get to look around and just get to know some stuff," Connor said.

Others caught a glimpse of Warren Buffett's partner, Charlie Munger, and tried to catch the Oracle himself at his home in Dundee.

“Kind of turned in what companies see as a very boring business meeting into quite an event,” Henderson said.

There were some added security measures at the door this year as thousands prepare to hear Buffet give his yearly take on the stock market.

The events continue through the weekend.

Saturday there will be the Q and A session for shareholders with Buffett followed by a picnic at Nebraska Furniture Mart as part of the "Invest in Yourself" 5k run is this Sunday.

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