Biker stresses defensive driving after near-death experience

Biker stresses defensive driving after near-death experience

It's been a tough recovery for Dustin Meckna.

"Walk walk walk, I do a lot of walking," said Meckna.

This is something he couldn't do for the longest time because Meckna was in a crash back in March.

His moped collided with a car in Omaha, nearly killing him.

"I don't remember the day of the crash," said Meckna. "While i was at Creighton, they had me on so much medical systems."

He said he was wearing a helmet at the time of the wreck, but it flew off.

The crash cracked his skull and broke 24 bones.

"They cut my left side of my skull out and waited for it to deflate, and put a drain tube in it," said Meckna. "Otherwise I would have passed away if they didn't do that."

For his mom, the emotions are still fresh.

"I was hysterical not knowing where your son was," said Lisa Mitchell. "It makes me tear up just thinking about that phone call and that day. It was the worst moment of my life."

Meckna now wants to get the word out that bikers need to be defensive drivers.

His friend and avid motorcycle rider Jim Howe got into a wreck a few months ago.

"It's 100 percent your responsibility to watch other motor vehicles, don't count on that car to stop for you," said Howe, who owns Tuffy Tire & Auto in Bellevue. "Don't count on them to not be right behind you and hit you."

Meckna is making good progress with his recovery,

"I'm really happy where I am," said Meckna. "I feel like I'm doing well. I can't wait until I'm doing a 100% better."

He hopes others will learn from his experience.

There is a gofundme page setup for Meckna.

A fundraiser is planned at Tuffy Tire & Auto in November. Give management a call for more information: 402-291-3229

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