Blair police investigates a series of storage unit break-ins

Blair police investigates a series of storage unit break-ins

BLAIE,NE(FOX42KPTM)- A series of break ins at some local storage units is under investigation. Someone is breaking locks and stealing things. The crooks are leaving some things in other peoples' units.

Karin Oldberg owns Mity Moe in Blair.

"Normally I go around several days a week and just check the lock," says Oldberg.

"I noticed the lock had been broken."

She says her customers were too happy when they found out.

"I put myself in their shoes. You feel vulnerable and naked."

Oldberg says within two weeks, someone broke into two different storage units.

"Basically ransacked the unit. He took whatever he wanted."

"You just write down what's in your unit so you know what's there and what should be there so if you have a situation like this, you know whats missing."

Oldberg says you can also take pictures of your things, buy a sturdy lock and visit your unit often.

The Blair police department is now investigating what happened. It has screenshots and video of the person it believes could have done it.

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