Blankets over strollers could be dangerous for kids on hot days, doctor says

Blankets over strollers could be dangerous for kids on hot days, doctor says

It's a mistake a lot of parents don't know they're making: covering their kid's stroller with a blanket on a hot, sunny day.

Doctors say they don’t recommend doing this because it could lead to heat stroke and in some cases, even death.

Meg Bower said, "I think I would be terrified. I would be scared."

What if Bower's son had heat stroke from a blanket covering his stroller?

"I would be thinking how do I cool him down quickly? Will he be okay?"

It's something that Bower says, thankfully, has never happened to her son, William, but there's a chance it could have if Bower hadn't done her research and made some changes.

Bower said, "I absolutely thought it was okay to use a blanket to shield him from the sun...before I knew and it was really sunny I would just cover him keep his little legs out of the that I know what I know I will never do that again."

Dr. John Andresen of Dundee Pediatrics said, "You could imagine going to the zoo and walking around the zoo in a tent. That's kind of what you're doing with a baby...they don't control their temperature as well as we would do so they can certainly overheat in there."

The high temp on Friday was about 75 degrees and Dr. Andresen says if you put a blanket over your baby's stroller on a day like that temps inside could get up into the 80's.

Andresen said, "The other thing with having the blanket over a stroller is you're not able to see the baby so you can't tell if they are getting into trouble."

He’s talking about trouble that could be heat stroke.

Andresen said, "They'll get red and flushed. They may get very irritable. They're crying more. They seem inconsolable. Sometimes babies, however, will get very lethargic and seem very sleepy."

They are signs that Bower says she never wants to see in William or in other kids she passes by.

Doctors say if you do have your child in a stroller make sure they have sunscreen on.

It's also a good idea to put a hat on them and make sure they drink lots of water or other fluids.

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