Stolen cassette tapes returned to band

Stolen cassette tapes returned to band

A porch pirate made off with an Omaha band's merchandise and thanks to social media band members got it back on Friday.

The band went on tour that day and the theft put a kink in their sales plans.

However, the good news is that the box was found not too far from one of the member's homes.

That member says the box of cassette tapes was supposed to be delivered to her house on Tuesday, but it actually came a day early.

When it never showed up, she said somebody had taken it, but on Friday that box was found just across the street from her house in Gifford Park.

Orenda Fink said, "There was screaming and a lot of laughter."

Fink never thought she’d see the box of tapes again.

Fink said, "It was a hundred tapes which is a lot in revenue for the band. It's meaningless or worthless for whoever stole them."

That was on Friday afternoon when the tapes were still missing, right before the band hit the road for its tour.

Fink said, "It's also a little bit disheartening to not even have been able to see them."

Within just a few hours that all changed. While on the road to its first show the band got a phone call from someone in their neighborhood who had found the tapes. The person took it to a bar in the neighborhood where Fink says the band likes to hang out.

Fink said, "We were very excited about that."

The person who found the box of tapes didn't want to go on camera, but he said he read about the stolen tapes through Facebook. When he was walking around Gifford Park on Friday he saw the box.

Fink said, "It's pretty crazy.”

That is, it's crazy that the Facebook post the band wrote on Wednesday did so much.

Fink said, "We didn't really expect to recover the tapes, but we thought if there was any chance it would definitely be from someone potentially seeing a post and then seeing the box of tapes...we didn't really expect it to work so we're pretty pleased."

The band performed in Lawrence, Kansas, on Friday night. On Saturday it will be at Slowdown in Omaha.

Band members say the first thing they're going to do when they get back into town is to pick up the box of tapes.

The tapes were valued at $500. At this point, police say they don't know who may have taken them.

The band says this is the second round of tapes they were planning to sell. The first batch sold out last year.

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