Bringing life back to the neighborhood: new businesses coming to Little Bohemia

Bringing life back to the neighborhood: new businesses coming to Little Bohemia

A south Omaha neighborhood is now getting a facelift.

Several buildings have sat empty for a while in the Little Bohemia neighborhood.

Soon, new businesses will be moving in.

Those who live and work in the area say they’re excited for the changes that are coming, especially after the historic Bohemian Cafe closed its doors. When that happened some people in Little Bohemia say they were worried about the future of the neighborhood.

"Now what are we going to do...the Ethnic Sandwich Shop has been here 40 years."

That was Tracy Kyler's reaction. She owns a sandwich shop that is just a few doors down from Bohemian Cafe.

Kyler said, “I grew up in this neighborhood so I remember it when there was bakeries, and Bosco's and Marino's grocery stores, and it was a thriving little business district."

However, with businesses shutting down Kyler says it hasn't been that way in a while.

Kyler said, "I'd love to see that sense of community come back from my childhood."

In just a few months that sense of community will be back.

Kyler said, "We're excited that they're bringing in some new businesses to help bring that business district back to life."

PJ Morgan Real Estate is remodeling several buildings in the neighborhood and employees say new businesses will start moving in this fall.

One of the buildings the company is working on will be a new home for Archetype Coffee. Another building will hold a couple of new restaurants.

Kyler said, "I won't be the only one that is in the area. I can then extend my hours and I can also serve and generate more business for my sandwich shop...I'm really excited about it. I think it can only bring good things to the area."

People with PJ Morgan Real Estate say they're also working with Omaha Creative Institute on a grant for artists. They have plans for murals and other works of art to go up along 13th Street.

People with PJ Morgan say a barber shop and salon will also be opening in the neighborhood.

Kyler says there's been town hall meetings to talk about other ideas for the area.

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