Bumpy street in Old Market set for makeover

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Omaha civil engineers announced Tuesday plans for a multimillion-dollar redevelopment project to fix Jones Street in the Old Market district.

Chuck Fredrick, who eats lunch at a restaurant in the area, has a lot to say about that stretch of roadway.

"It's got so many bumps and bricks,” said Fredrick. “The stone isn't so bad if it were flat, but it's up and down and it's got places you got to avoid."

The city says the project will cost up to $3 million.

Engineers plan to collect the existing bricks and use them to fix the street.

The project will also redo the sidewalks, create space for shrubs and add parking.

“The scariest part of walking the streets is you never know which day you're going to get home with a broken ankle,” said Maria Fernandez, who lives in the neighborhood.

Project managers say the construction won’t start until the year 2020.

“I like the bricks myself,” said Fredrick. “Maybe a little more slippery during winter time and when it rains, but it certainly brings a historic feeling to the area."

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