Campsites for solar eclipse still available in Beatrice


BEATRICE, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Finding a place to stay ahead of the solar eclipse August 21st will now be no easy task. That's because most hotels and campsites are already full, but we're going to make it easier for you because one family in Beatrice that will be hosting visitors still has vacancies.

"The eclipse is something we'll never see in our lifetime again," said Ken Loemker, who lives in Beatrice.

To say he and his wife Carla, along with their daughter Carissa, are looking forward to the solar eclipse would be an understatement. They have eclipse shirts to prove it.

"Wearing these is a lot of fun," said Carla Loemker.

Together, they're getting ready to host dozens of people coming to Beatrice in less than three weeks. One of their properties will soon turn into overnight parking for visitors. Spots near Southeast Community College are available.

"There are ten acres in one field we have," said Carla Loemker.

The interest is already mounting for people who have RVs and campers.

"I think I counted last night that we have guests coming in from 19 different states from everywhere from New York to Florida to Texas," said Carla Loemker.

It's not just RVs and campers that there's room for. Just down one hill, tents can be set up.

"You'll be able to see the stars and planets in the middle of the day," said Carissa Hoops. "It will look like a sunset all the way around the horizon."

If you're looking for a spot to stay, there's still room.

"We could probably get another 50 or 60 out here if we need to," said Ken Loemker.

You better hurry, however, because spots do fill up fast.

"We're getting phone calls every day," said Carla Loemker.

For more information about available spots, call Carla at 402-520-0015. You're also urged to check out the family's Facebook page at

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