Car hits Omaha school bus; 5 taken to hospital

Omaha police say a car hit this school bus near North 63rd Street and Ames Avenue. (KPTM)

OMAHA, Neb. (KPTM) - Five people were taken to a hospital in Omaha on Tuesday after a wreck involving an Omaha school bus.

Police say a car with four people in it hit three high school students on the bus.

Makiya Mitchell said, "I don't even want to ride the bus anymore."

The 15-year-old says she rides a school bus to and from school every day.

"It was crazy because I ride a bus, so it scares me a lot."

That was Makiya’s reaction after seeing the crash that happened between an Omaha school bus and a car near North 63rd Street and Ames Avenue.

Omaha police say a driver and three high school students were on the bus.

Police say the driver was trying to make a left turn. That's when police say a gray Hyundai sedan hit the bus. Four people were inside and all were taken to a hospital. Police say one of them had some pretty bad injuries.

Neighbors in the area say there are far too many accidents on that stretch of road and they'd like to see the city install a stoplight to help control people speeding.

Police say one student on the bus was also taken to a hospital. They got hurt, too, but are expected to be OK.

"Slow down and be more careful."

That's the advice school bus driver Rex Larrison now has for everyone. He pulled over to see what happened.

Larrison said, "I'm more concerned for the students and for the drivers, and the adults, of course."

It's a reminder to him to keep himself and his students safe.

Larrison says he’ll continue to "drive defensively, pay attention to what I'm doing, try to be alert."

As for Makiya, she says she’s sending prayers to everyone involved in the wreck.

Police say they spoke with several people who told them the car was going pretty fast.

Police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. On Tuesday they said they didn’t think alcohol was involved.

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