Caught on camera: Man steals $900 in merchandise from local business

It's not that unusual for somebody to steal from stores, but one man did it in broad daylight.

He stole two radios off the shelf did not seem to care who saw him do it.

It caught everyone by surprise and happened just after 11 a.m. Saturday.

The owner of Omaha Glass Pro says he wanted to help the man find what he needed, but he had no idea the guy would run out the store with stuff in a blink of an eye.

Surveillance footage shows him checking out radios then talks with the owner, but when the owner disappears to the back, the man swipes two radios and jets out the door.

Omaha Glass Pro owner Robert Nixon says he knew something was a bit off about the guy.

That's why he asked if he needed help, but now he says he wishes he never left the guy alone.

“You got some guts to be just walking in stealing stuff with people walking around," Nixon said.

Now, he's out of $900 worth of stuff, but he says he won't allow this one mishap to slow down his business.

"I need to stay focused and keep doing what I do,” Nixon said. "There's nothing to learn from it, thieves are thieves.”

The owner gave the surveillance video to the police and is now waiting for the investigator to finish up the case.

The owner is considering to put out empty boxes of the radio displays to help prevent future thefts.

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