Caught on camera: potential bandit or bizarre prankster?

Caught on camera: potential bandit or bizarre prankster?

Was it a Peeping Tom? Crooks casing a house before breaking in? Or a prank?

It's all caught on an Omaha man's home security cameras.

Video surveillance shows a man sneaking up alongside Clyde Anderson's house at around 9 p.m.

He rings the doorbell several times and runs.

In the strange way he was dressed, police say he may have been a prankster.

But then Anderson went back to check a different camera.

"I did see another individual, and it appeared to be a different person," Anderson said.

That person walked up Anderson's driveway.

“When the flood light came on, motion sensor flood light, the person immediately ran off to the west,” Anderson said. “So it was actually two people, that really raised out suspicion."

Now, he says it couldn't be a prank.

“After seeing the second person, I’m kind of doubtful,” Anderson said. “I think they were probably more into criminal mischief , we just don’t know."

But the story gets worse.

"Another person up Mayfield, which is our cross street had similar activity at about 8:55… about 15 minutes later, after our activity,” Anderson said. “We need to get more neighbors to participate, the more people you have, the stronger it is.”

When he posted the pictures to Nextdoor Neighbor app, some people came forward about other weird activity.

Now, Anderson is pushing to get more neighbors involved in neighborhood watch to prevent possible incidents.

More neighbors say they will be checking their cameras often, not only for their home but others too.

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