Caught on camera: thief swipes cash from Bizarre Glass

Caught on camera: thief swipes cash from Bizarre Glass; photo courtesy of Bizarre Glass

It took only a minute: a bad guy broke his way into a South Omaha tobacco shop and got out with hundreds of dollars in cash.

The good news for investigators and the store's owner is that it was all caught on camera.

Workers say this isn't the first time the store was broken into.

"He was covered up pretty well. I think somebody probably knows who he is though,” said Nick Semaan who is the manager of Bizarre Glass.

Semaan doesn't yet know who the bad guy is, but at this point he does know one thing: he's just frustrated another break-in has happened at his store.

Semaan said, "Back in October we had a burglary, actually, and the police helped us with that one...they got away with money again. The police returned all the products they had."

Semaan says any theft from his shop causes lots of problems.

"We're a small business so any little bit helps."

Money is even tighter now that the business had to buy a new door.

Between the damaged door and the stolen cash, Semaan says the store is already out over a thousand dollars and he says it might have to shell out even more money to replace the drawer on the cash register or to buy a new one.

With all these expenses, Semaan doesn't want to see another business go through something like this.

"Just watch out for your neighbor."

There are no surveillance cameras outside of Bizarre Glass right now. Semaan says the store is now looking into getting some.

As for the crook, Semaan has one piece of advice: “stop with the crime.”

It’s advice he hopes will help keep his neighborhood safe.

If you have any information about this call Omaha Crime Stoppers at 402-444-7867.

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