Children pick up cigarette butts littered by smokers

Children pick up cigarette butts littered by smokers

Hundreds of cigarette butts are picked up alongside one road in Papillion but not by adults — it's children doing the cleaning.

One group is now urging people to throw them away in a trash can because the groups says these butts are unhealthy for the environment.

Several cigarette butts can be seen along Cornhusker Road in Papillion.

Autumn Burns or Tobacco Free Sarpy says the first time the group picked up cigarette butts, she came across hundreds of them within minutes.

The children who stepped up to pick clean up the butts are called the “Litter Gitters.“

“For us to fill up that entire container and then have another sack, it was kind of startling to me," Burns said. "More than half the people who smoke are throwing their cigarette butts onto the street and those really find their way into our soil."

She says it can be dangerous to other drivers.

"It was still a lit cigarette.” Katie Adkison said. “It wasn't even out."

Adkison is a mother who says someone flicked one into her car.

“Imagine if I hadn't stopped at that point and found the cigarette butt," Adkison said.

Now, the group is hoping to encourage many to throw them away the right way.

“When so many people do it, it's just disgusting,” Adkison said.

According to Nebraska Health and Human Services, cigarette butts are the most commonly littered item in the U.S.

It also says if just two are eaten by a smaller puppy, it can lead to death.

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