City cites staffing issues as reason for not cleaning up littered Dundee creek

City cites staffing issues as reason for not cleaning up littered Dundee creek

OMAHA -- It's not uncommon to find bits of trash along a trail.

However, the trash at a Memorial Park creek is enough to make neighbors plan a spring clean-up for that area.

"Looking at this, this makes me mad; this makes me angry," said Adam Langdon, former president of the Dundee Memorial Park Neighborhood Association.

Langdon says people in the Dundee neighborhood work hard to keep the area clean.

"90 percent of our neighbors pick up trash, they clean up. Then we have a few bad apples that just ruin it," he added.

Trash isn't the only thing upsetting neighbors. Graffiti and tree debris are also causing problems.

"It's troublesome, when they get debris down in there it can be very troublesome," said David Austin with the city of Omaha Parks and Recreation.

Austin says the debris can potentially cause log jams and water blockage.

Austin adds that due to very short staffing this time of year it's difficult to check up on areas, like creeks, that aren't easily seen.

The city received three complaints over the weekend about the trash at Memorial Park.

"I think its a no-brainer that we can have a crew down here and get some of that out of there," Austin said.

Langdon and Austin say the city and its neighbors can help clean; but it's up to the park visitors to throw their trash where it belongs.

"I can't count the number of times I've seen people toss things out the window; and that's where all this stuff winds up," Austin said.

The Dundee Neighborhood partnered with OPPD and did a trash cleanup two years ago. Neighbors say they are in the works of planning a similar event.

City Parks & Rec says to call the Mayor's hotline with any litter problems. That number is (402) 444-5555.

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