Class trains volunteers to give tickets for handicap parking violations

Omaha police say this class benefits everyone.

A class put on by the Omaha Police Department is now giving citizens the power to write tickets for parking in handicap spaces.

The four-hour class teaches what to look for when giving out tickets.

If a car does not have a handicap placard on its rearview mirror and it's parked in a handicap spot, those who took the class can give out a warning ticket or a real one.

Omaha police say this class benefits everyone.

"We often don't have time to be driving through parking lots as much as we would like to," said Sergeant Erin Payne. "Sometimes, it's just we happen to come across something or maybe somebody calls the police to report it but by the time we get there the person is already gone. So it really is a win-win for the police department and a win-win for the citizens of Omaha."

When citizens give out a ticket, the information goes to the police department.

Officers handle it from there.

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