Closure of Council Bluffs on-ramp forces drivers to take 'scenic route'

Closure of Council Bluffs on-ramp forces drivers to take 'scenic route'

For some drivers in Council Bluffs, it was an afternoon of confusion. Several cars were spotted driving up a closed highway ramp.

Crews shut down the Madison Avenue entrance ramp to I-80 Westbound on Monday morning.

Megan Jones, a mother of two who shops at the Hyvee near Mall of the Bluffs, now takes what she calls "the scenic route.”

"We're going to head to target,” she said to FOX 42 News reporter Steve Saunders, who tagged along to time just how long it would take using the detour.

It timed out at about eight minutes.

"Maybe the interstate [would] cut it in half, four minutes tops on the interstate,” said Jones, “but like I said, take the scenic route and we're here."

The state posted its own detour route highlighting on a map directions to Route 92.

Gym owner Jim Grandick, whose building is just off Madison Avenue, has his own concerns about the construction.

“Hopefully it doesn't affect my business,” he said. “I wish they'd just get it done so that we can be done with it and the businesses around here can breathe a sigh of relief."

This latest closure is just one small part of a major construction project.

It's something that's been going on for about a year, costing more than $100 million so far.

Eventually, the project will add lanes and improve the ramps and bridges to both I-80 and I-29.

"As long as it improves, as far as traffic flow and those types of things, we'll just make it work,” said Jones.

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