College World Series brings grandparents & grandchildren together

McClain Luce & his grandpa, Clyde Adcock, at College World Series

The College World Series can be a lot more than just baseball games to people who go to the games.

For some, it's family reunion time.

That was the case for a lot of grandparents and their grandchildren on Monday.

Clyde Adcock said, "There's not that many years left in this old body and I want to spend them with him."

Adcock is talking about his five-year-old grandson, McClain Luce. Both of them love baseball.

Adcock said, "It's such an enjoyable family experience.”

It’s Adcock’s first College World Series and he says he wanted to spend it with his grandson. He brought him to Omaha from Texas.

Adcock said, "It's fantastic. There's so much going on around here to do and see and visit, and just to have an experience, being able to take him to my first world series and see what it's like.

Susan Peters was at the College World Series with her grandson, Micah Hall.

Peters said, "We're just blessed to be here and to experience this moment."

Hall says he’s happy to be in Omaha to watch the Florida Gators take on the LSU Tigers.

Hall said, “You don't get to do it every day and since I live in Florida it's not like I can come up here every year."

Peters said, "When my grandkids come down and they get excited about a team it's just something to share with them."

The second game in the championship series of CWS is Tuesday. There could be another game on Wednesday.

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