Columbus country club still cleaning up after Tuesday's storm


COLUMBUS, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - Two days after a powerful storm rocked Columbus, cleanup efforts are still in progress. That's especially true at the Elks Country Club there and it could be a while before it gets back to tip-top shape.

"I came up Tuesday night right after the storm happened and I saw the destruction and I knew we were going to be down for a while," said Brett Evans, the country club's general manager.

On Thursday, tree branches were still down and debris was scattered everywhere. There was even a controlled burn to clean up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

"We've burned down several stories of limbs," said Evans.

Elks Country Club was especially hard hit after wind speeds were faster than 70 miles per hour Tuesday.

"We had a lot of practice about a year ago for this same situation, which helped out this time around knowing what we were going to do and how we were going to do it," said Eric Bice, the course superintendent.

Bice told FOX 42 News it could be another few weeks before he gets the course back into the condition he desires.

"I'm really particular about this kind of stuff."

Bice said Thursday he estimates 20 to 25 pine trees were lost because of the storm, but even after all of the damage the course was still able to reopen Thursday evening.

"We have several homes that border the golf course and we're lucky to have those homeowners come out and help us clean up," said Evans.

Elsewhere in the city, Tuesday's storm tore down power lines and knocked out traffic signals. It also forced some recreational trails to close.

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