Construction boom in north Omaha to bring changes to community

Construction area near 30th & Burdette where mixed-income housing units are being built

North Omaha is the site of several big construction projects right now.

There is a new housing development, and a building that will house shops and a new space for a community college.

"I want to help be a part of bringing it back to what it could be."

Othello Meadows is talking about the Highlander neighborhood in north Omaha. He says it used to be a great place to live, that is before it became the projects.

Meadows said, "One of the things that people in the neighborhood told us over and over again was please don't recreate the projects...the goal is to really create a neighborhood that's thriving, that's healthy."

That's why Meadows says housing options for people of all incomes are now being built in a development near 30th & Burdette.

The development includes townhouses, apartments, houses and a center for the community to gather.

Meadows said, "People from north Omaha are fiercely loyal to this part of town and want to see it kind of return to what it was before."

That was the goal for people in another north Omaha neighborhood.

Sharnelle Shelton said, "For a period of time it was just nothing here at this's sad."

The area Shelton is talking about isn’t so sad anymore. It’s now the site of the Fair Deal Market Village.

Shelton said, "This is a start right here."

It's a retail space that has a grocery store, a cafe, and several shops.

Shelton is the owner of Like Nu Boutique.

She believes the market has “brought the community together."

Shelton also says it’s allowed her to move her boutique from online into an affordable space.

Shelton said, "It just shows that we can come together and make something happen."

People are already moving into the housing units at the 75 North project.

If you’d like more information on that project, click here.

If you want to learn more about the Fair Deal Market Village click here.

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