Could camper laws change in Papillion?

RV owners in Papillion are now demanding changes from the city.

It comes months after many of them got tickets for parking their motor homes in their driveways.

City laws say RV's can only be so big and should be hidden.

Adriene Brummel says she and her family have had big campers parked in their driveway for almost ten years.

Her camper is more than 20 feet, but she says up until last August there was never any issue with it being parked at her home.

Brummel said, "A couple of us got ticketed for having our campers in our driveways."

The law has been on the books for more than 20 years, but Brummel and her neighbors say they didn't know about it.

It states that items like campers and boats that are longer than 20 feet can't be parked in things like driveways.

"It was enforced as complaints came in," said Papillion City Council Member Tom Mumgaard.

He says it all started last summer. Many people were ticketed, so Brummel and others spoke with city officials.

Mumgaard said, “The city put a moratorium on enforcement of the ordinance until we could take a look at it and see whether we needed to make some modifications."

The city wants to add Class C motor homes to the law. Those are the ones that have a sleeping area over the driver and passenger area, but Brummel wants it to allow campers that are more than 20 feet to be allowed in driveways.

If nothing is changed, she says she and many others will have to find parking and pay for it.

However, Mumgaard says driveways shouldn't be used as a storage lot.

"At times it can be a major obstruction to visibility. At times it can be an eyesore," said Mumgaard.

Several people spoke out about the issue at a public hearing on Wednesday night .

Another hearing will be held March 21st at Papillion City Hall. The city council will vote on this in early April.

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