Council Bluffs woman becomes own detective, finds her stolen car

Council Bluffs woman becomes own detective, finds her stolen car

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - For the last 24 hours, Heather Wilkinson of Council Bluffs became her very own private detective.

"I just wanted my car, like that's all I cared about, to get my car back," said Wilkinson.

She said she got a phone call from a friend, and that phone call led her to North Omaha, where she found her own stolen car.

"I didn't know where it would be," said Wilkinson, "but then my friend kept calling me trying to know my where abouts, acting like she's going to help me get my car back, I'm not that dumb."

As soon as she spotted her car, she dialed 911.

Police say she told them the people involved in the theft may be inside a nearby house.

"Officers went in, they did have to knock down a barricaded door," said Sgt. Pam Volk of Omaha Police.

Police say four people were eventually taken downtown for questioning, however, the man believed to be the person who stole the car was not in the house.

The whole story actually started a day ago, in Council Bluffs. Wilkinson was dropped off at a store by a friend. At some point, her car was taken.

Wilkinson says the whole situation has taught her one thing.

"I don't trust no body," said Wilkinson. "I just make changes to make sure I'm not in this situation again, stay away from people like that."

She says she hopes the police will soon make an arrest.

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