Count the Kicks campaign launches to prevent stillbirths in Nebraska

Dr. Robert Bonebrake speaks with Amanda Comstock about counting her baby's kicks

Every year in the U.S. thousands of babies are stillborn. About 200 of those deaths happen in Nebraska.

As FOX 42 News found out a new campaign could bring those numbers down and help save the lives of babies across the state.

"I don't know how I would feel. It would be heartbreaking."

What if her two kids had been stillborn? It's something Amanda Comstock says she thinks about a lot as a nurse...

"Working with maternal fetal medicine we do see it quite a bit."

...and now as she's pregnant with her third child.

Doctor Robert Bonebrake said, "Nationally there's about a stillbirth about every twenty minutes."

It's a stat that still hits him hard even after years of working with pregnant women.

"It's emotional for me."

But it’s also a push to get the word out about a new campaign called Count the Kicks.

Bonebrake says it’s about educating moms on what they should expect in the movements of their babies specifically during the third trimester.

"If you think baby's not moving normally for you then don't ignore it, pay attention to it."

He says moms like Comstock should keep a daily record of their baby's movements. He says typically it's about 10 in one hour.

An easy way to track your baby's movements is by using the Count the Kicks app. Count each movement as one kick, tap the foot until you reach 10, and then save it to compare to other kick sessions.

Comstock said, "I'm so busy. It's nice to be able to pull that up and just reassure myself that baby's well-being is okay."

It’s something that she and Bonebrake want all moms to know for their babies.

Count the Kicks materials will be soon be available at clinics and hospitals for patients to take.

The campaign has already made a difference in Iowa. It used to have the 33rd worst stillbirth rate and now it has the third lowest in the country.

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