Counterfeit money turning up in Old Market area

Counterfeit money turning up in Old Market area. (KPTM)

OMAHA, Neb. (KPTM) - Fake money is now showing up in Omaha. In the last week, someone passed off counterfeit dollars in downtown Omaha. The owner of Hollywood Candy, Larry Richling, knew almost immediately someone had passed off fake money at his store.

"There was one that just felt out of line with the other bills," said Richling.

He's dealt with this same situation before. Four years ago, several counterfeits showed up. This time, it was only one, but Richling wishes that number was reduced to zero.

"It's bad because, as I say, it's a direct loss and there's nothing you can do about it."

Last year, the Secret Service offered tips about how to keep bad money out of your life. Those tips included looking for blurry words, not seeing a watermark and not seeing a security stripe. The advice came not long after the Plattsmouth Police Department investigated a case of counterfeit dollars in its town in March 2016.

"You want to take it off the circulation as soon as you get it," said Richling.

Richling has once again warned his staff that fake money is out there. He's also keeping in touch with his Old Market neighbors to make sure they don't lose real money.

If you find out someone gave you counterfeit money, investigators want you to know you shouldn't try to pass it on. That could get you into hot water. Instead, you should call police and let the professionals handle it.

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