Couple to file complaint after incident with Omaha police, internal investigation at dept.

Willecia Jones caught on video by her fiance, Trent Reis, during an incident with two Omaha police officers.

Dragged from their car and put in handcuffs for no reason - that's what an Omaha couple says Omaha police officers did to them.

It's why there's now an internal investigation at the Omaha Police Department to find out what happened.

The whole thing was caught on camera by Trent Reis who says he was parked in his car with his fiancé, Willecia Jones.

They say they were about to go into a friend’s house when two officers pulled up behind them.

Jones said, "I, you know, was persistent about not giving my ID." As she says, she didn't think she and Reis had done anything wrong.

Reis said, "These guys jogged over to our car and immediately the officer who was on her side of the vehicle pulled out his baton."

Jones said, "They never once told us why they pulled us over."

In the video one of the officers said it was because Jones didn't have her seat belt on when the car was moving.

Jones said, "We were parked on the correct side of the street. We abided by every law so they had no probable cause to do what they did."

After Jones didn't give the officer her ID she says she was yanked from the car and handcuffed.

Reis says he eventually handed over his ID, but the same thing happened to him. He says that's when one of the officers took his phone and stopped the video.

Reis says he then heard one of the officers tell Jones that she was going to jail for not giving them her ID.

'"I said, "but I'm sure going to talk to Lt. Pauly about this,”' said Reis.

"They kind of got shook up about it,” said Jones.

She says after the officers heard Lt. Pauly’s name they took off the handcuffs and released Jones and Reis.

Jones said, “They did not check our car. They did not issue a ticket."

The couple says after what happened they both plan to file a complaint.

Reis also shared that he's in the process of applying to be an officer with the Omaha Police Department.

FOX 42 News reached out to the ACLU to get an opinion on what happened in this video.

Executive Director Danielle Conrad released this statement:

"This situation should have a thorough review and response by the Omaha Police Department and an independent review if necessary...generally, law enforcement has the right to ask for the identification of someone in the driver seat at any time. A passenger, however, is not obligated to provide identification under most circumstances."

FOX 42 News also reached out to someone with the police union. They say if you don't show your ID when asked it's an offense.

FOX 42 News reached out several times to the Omaha Police Department to get its side on this. The only things officers are saying right now is that it's an internal investigation and a personnel matter.

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