Creative juices flowing at local businesses as workers get ready for solar eclipse


OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - The solar eclipse, as of August 11th, is just ten days away and local businesses are gearing up. Workers, even in Omaha, are stocking up on everything from food to alcohol to make sure they're ready for the crowds.

"We're going to take all of our tall cocktail tables out in the patio area," said Alzuri, the head bartender at Aksarben's Spirit World.

For Alzuri, the countdown is on. Getting the tables and chairs ready is the easy part. Now, he must nail down new drink recipes, which will take a little more time. He already has a few ideas in mind like a drink called the Midnight Sky. It comes with a stronger flavor and a color like what people will see outside.

"Just a little bit of a twist so it's something different," said Alzuri.

Alzuri isn't the only one preparing. Near Midtown Omaha, FOX 42 News found one business stocking up on local craft beer.

"Which is a big deal for us here," said Zach Ferguson, the general manager at Corkscrew Wine and Cheese.

Ferguson knows most will head south for the path of totality, but with a partial eclipse in Omaha he's banking on it being busy.

"I'm banking on a lot of people hanging out in the area."

With Blackstone being so new, he thinks it could attract people looking for something a bit more unique.

"We want to be ready for whoever shows up," said Ferguson.

That's a big reason why the boxes full of local craft beer arrived at Corkscrew Wine and Cheese Friday.

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