Crews battle large fire in Exira, IA

Photo courtesy: Nicole Lake

EXIRA -- Fire departments from around Iowa including in Pottawattamie County are battling a large fire that started at a bar in downtown Exira, IA.

Reports show the fire started around 2:30 Friday morning and spread to nearby buildings.

“It's a sad sad day for our town," said Susie Simpson in a post on Facebook. She owns a business across the street from the fire. "So hard watching Jerry's burn to the ground. It's like watching your home burn, your town die.”

JeenLee Nielsen also has a special connection to the fire and to Jerry's Bar, which was destroyed by it. “I actually work at the law office, the next building that could have been destroyed," she said. "I also worked part time at Jerry's last fall. My daughter Hunter has been working at Jerry's until she leaves for college this fall too.”

People are posting to Twitter asking others to bring water to help the firefighters as they work.

We will have more updates as they become available.

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