Crews go through Ebola drill at Eppley

Nebraska has been on the map for years when it comes to dealing and treating Ebola.

Now, one hospital is hoping to work with the federal government when it comes to diseases like it.

Today, it held a mock drill to prove it's ready to handle such things.

"These procedures become even more prominent and more disciplined is required dealing with multiple patients," said Bob Hinson.

Three patients in all were taking part in this simulation.

They were flown on two planes from Africa.

On the ground, an ambulance was on standby.

Medical crews were ready to help and treat to get the infected people to Nebraska Medicine's biocontainment unit.

"We learned some lessons about the patient handoff procedure," said Daniel Polanski.

It's then a 15-minute ride by ambulance here from Eppley to Nebraska medicines biocontainment unit in mid-town.

Once at the hospital, the mock-patients were taken in and started their treatment.

This nation-wide simulation was all part of a drill by the U.S. State Department.

"We're always trying to find what's better, how to improve our process, make it more efficient, safer," Shelly Schwedhelm said.

Organizers say they do plan to have more drills in the future.

Nebraska Medicine officials say the latest drill really put them to the test.

A similar drill was held last November.

Nebraska Medicine officials say they hope today shows the federal government they are ready to do more work with them.

You may remember back in 2014 when Nebraska Medicine's bio-containment unit treated four people. Three of them survived.

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