Crook caught stealing tires from auto sales shop

Crook caught stealing tires from auto sales shop

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)- One man was caught stealing all four tires from a truck at Schrier Automotive on Tuesday night. When he leaves the scene, one of the tires fell off the back of his trailer.

Jeffrey Schrier says this is the first time someone has taken anything from his shop.

"When I saw the footage. I was very very frustrated. I was mad," says Schrier

The unknown man even searched through garbage looking for more stuff to take.

"I did not recognize him, I did not recognize the vehicle."

He says that same man came back to hours later.

"He must have forgotten something and stopped to pick it up," says Schrier

Schrier says the tires were not cheap. They all cost a total of $3,000.

"It doesn't belong to you. Why are you taking my things. Why are you taking something that has value to us."

Schrier says he learned a valuable from this theft.

"Whats ironic is my warehouse will hold 150 cars. We happened to have left a vehicle outside overnight. We didn't bring it inside--lo and behold, someone got the tires."

He says he plans to lock all cars up at night. Schrier has given the video footage to the police. He is waiting until the investigation is complete.

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