Crooks steal car with Marine Corps uniform inside

OMAHA -- A Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps says crooks stole his car in February. The items they got away with, however, is what Rafael Martinez says really concerns him.

"Just to know that somebody's out there with Marine Corps uniform; something I worked very hard to earn, and someone out there has it," staff Sergeant Martinez said.

He's been in the Marine Corps for 13 years; and he says it's a privilege to wear his uniform.

"Men and women have died for the honor of wearing that," Martinez said.

Martinez says the theft happened all within five minutes.

Police found the car at an impound lot in Council Bluffs. Martinez said the car had extensive damage including dents, scratches and a dashboard with cut marks in it.

His Marine Corps uniform was not in the car when police located it.

"Obviously it's an item that I respect and care a lot about, and definitely don't want it falling in the wrong hands again," he added.

Police have not made any arrests.

It is a federal crime to wear military decorations or medals if the intention is to get money or any type of benefit.

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