Crooks steal something valuable from a daycare van

Crooks steal something valuable from a daycare van

Omaha,Neb(FOX42KPTM)-Kids Can Community Center has five vans it uses to take children to and from school. Recently, crooks went after one the vans' tank of gas.

"What they do is go underneath, they either cut the gas line or gas tank to get more gas," Robert Patterson said. He is the CEO of the center.

He says they had to double up on vans to make sure kids got to school before they could get a rental van.

"It costs us about anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 to fix it and then we have to add on 2-3 days of renting a van, for one incident like this it costs us about $2,000," he said. "It's disappointing because it takes our resources away from where they need to be going, they need to be going to our kids."

Patterson also says at least once a year, one of the vans get broken into overnight.

"Beyond a crime, they're taking from non-profit and they're taking from kids," he said.

Employees plan to park the vans at a better angle so it can pick up any strange activity if it happens again.

Omaha Police are now checking the center's surveillance to see if it leads them to any new information.

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