Deadly crash sparks conversation about safety at Aksarben interseciton

Deadly crash sparks conversation about safety at Aksarben interseciton

People in Aksarben are now talking about roadway safety. This comes after a deadly crash at what neighbors say is a tricky intersection.

Blake Geyer says it's all hard to believe about his friend.

Police say Chase Kruse died on Saturday night in a wreck at that intersection.

The 22-year-old lost control of his pickup truck near the entrance of Elmwood Park just off Leavenworth.

"He's one of my good friends," said Geyer. "He was a fun and crazy guy. I'm going to miss him."

Investigators say Kruse was speeding and hit the OPPD pole at 60th and Leavenworth.

Barbara Luna lives in the area and was there that night.

"I knew if he came down this way, and he clearly had, that he didn't have a chance, because you can't maneuver at that speed this left, the right and then the left,” said Luna.

Investigators say they believe Kruse had been drinking and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Still, people we spoke with say it's a dangerous place to drive.

“This is a difficult intersection. There's a lot of traffic here. If there had been a round-about there, he might still be with us today,” said Luna.

A spokesperson for OPPD said the pole is damaged and will be replaced.

The utility company plans to move the pole back from the roadway and put a protective barrier around it for safety, and to protect the equipment.

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