Deputies bring in 250 lbs. of marijuana in four days along I-80

K9 Voss with the marijuana deputies say he helped sniff out

OMAHA, Neb (FOX 42 KPTM)-- Douglas County Sheriff's deputies hauled in more than 250 pounds of marijuana along I-80 in two cases over the course of four days.

On Saturday, December 2 just after 7 in the morning, deputies pulled a Cadillac Escalade over for speeding on I-80 near 13th Street in Omaha.

Investigators say the deputy became suspicious of the van while talking with the driver so deployed his K9 Voss. The K9 alerted him to something on the rear driver's side.

The deputy searched the car and says he found three duffel bags with 52 sealed bags of what they think is marijuana. They say part of the duffel bags were covered in what they think is coffee grounds.

They say the bags had more than 110 pounds of marijuana.

Deputies arrested Vicente Leon-Ramirez, 33, from California and Lozano Morales-Belizario, 23, from Mexico on Possession with Intent to Deliver charges.

A few days later on Wednesday around 1:15 a.m. a sheriff's deputy pulled a Cadillac XTS over near the I-80 and I-680 split. The deputy says the car was driving eratically.

Investigators say the deputy saw a large duffel bag in the rear seat. He says he became suspicious after talking with Emiliano Sandoval, 24, from Washington.

The deputy sent in his K9 Fletch and asked Sandoval if there was anything illegal in the car. The deputy says Sandoval told him there was.

Investigators say they found three duffel bags and a backpack with a total of 141 pounds of marijuana and $5,900 in cash.

Sandoval was booked with Possession with Intent to Deliver.

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