Diamond ring found in non-profit's donation bucket, gift or accident?

Diamond ring found in non-profit's donation bucket, gift or accident?

A big diamond ring is now in the hands of a non-profit group in Omaha.

Was it meant to be a gift or did it end up in a donation bucket by accident?

Those are the questions that the group who found it would like answers to.

M,A,Yah said, "When I first saw the ring I didn't think it was real...this one is quite different."

M,A,Yah is president of The Heartland News. He says there's usually only coins and a few dollar bills that end up in the organization’s donation buckets.

M,A,Yah said, "One of our people was collecting donations and someone dropped a diamond ring into the bucket."

He says it happened at a Walmart in Omaha a few days ago. It wasn't until he dumped the money out that he saw the ring.

"My first thought was to find the person who dropped it in there to see if they dropped it in there by accident or if they meant to donate it to us."

M,A,Yah says the money collected helps to print newspapers for homeless people to sell.

"That's what we do. We give the homeless jobs."

M,A,Yah says the ring could bring in about $2,000 to the non-profit, but he doesn’t feel right cashing it in just yet.

"I would feel bad if, you know, they dropped it in the bucket. Here they are trying to help us by doing a good deed and now they might be somewhere crying."

M,A,Yah says if no one claims the ring in the next two weeks he will be selling it and using the money to print more newspapers for homeless people to sell.

If it ends up being a gift after all he says he wants to thank the person who gave such a big donation.

If you're missing a ring like this or you’re the one who donated it M,A,Yah says he'd like to know.

You can call our newsroom at 402-554-4282 and we'll pass your info along to M,A,Yah.

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