Dozens of citations issued to dog owners during Dog Ordinance Enforcement

Photo courtesy: MGN Online

The Nebraska Humane Society has issued dozens of citations to dog owners across the metro during its 2017 Second Quarter Dog Ordinance Enforcement.

Below are statistics on selected dog ordinances, from Jan. 1 to June 30.

Three citations have been issued due to dogs being tethered outside for longer than 15 minutes.

There was not an adult 19 years of age or older present during the fifteen minutes that the dog was tethered.

Thirteen citations have been issued due to Pit Bull owners not being able to provide proof of insurance for their Pit Bulls.

Fifteen reckless owner declarations have been issued. Those owners cannot own animals legally in Omaha for four years due to those violations.

Twelve appeals have been heard: three were granted, seven were denied and two are pending.

There are 58 current reckless owners in Omaha.

Sixty-four potentially dangerous dog declarations have been issued through June 30.

The NHS says there are 2-year requirements due to dogs biting someone or endangering public safety.

Six potentially dangerous dogs have been released from restrictions due to meeting the 2-year time frame of no violations.

Twenty-three appeals have been heard; 11 were granted, eight were denied and four are pending.

There are 73 total active potentially dangerous dogs in Omaha.

Thirty-one citations have been issued due to Pit Bull owners for dogs not wearing a harness, muzzle, and/or a leash being too long.

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