Drivers are getting ready for I-480 repairs and ramp closures

Drivers are getting ready for I-480 repairs and ramp closures

Starting on Wednesday night at 10pm, roadwork will begin on Interstate 480.

As a result, the Nebraska Department of Roads says it will need to close the highway's northbound entrance ramps.

"I would actually have to plan ahead," said pawn shop worker Juan Castanon.

He says it'll affect his commute to work and he'll have to wake up a little earlier.

Officials say the best case scenario is that the entrance ramps will be closed for three months, but it could but up to six months.

"I have to take a different route now," said Castanon.

We compared the time it would take to drive northbound on I-480 to the suggested detour.

It took us five minutes on I-480.


The detour took us to I-80 eastbound across the river to Council Bluffs. We then drove to I-29 northbound and then across I-480 westbound.

It took us 11 minutes, which is more than double the time of the normal route.

Castanon says he understands why road crews are doing the work, but he says he's not looking forward to the inconvenience.

"it's literally the only road I use," said Castanon.

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