Eppley Airfield surface, parking lots to close for construction of new parking garage

Photo courtesy: Omaha Airport Authority

OMAHA -- You may have to leave a little earlier if you plan on parking at the airport.

That's because construction for a new parking garage starts this week, and traffic there might be a mess.

"There's been some times where the garage has been completely full and I had to park in the south lot," said Jeff Ganow, a frequent traveler. He says he parks a lot in the garage across from the terminal.

He says on most occasions he says it's easy to find a spot, but some days it's a challenge.

"If you're running a little late it gets anxious for awhile," he said.

Omaha Airport Authority officials say the surface parking lot is now going away.

In it's place is a six-story parking garage.

"This is a large project, one of the biggest construction projects the airport's undertaken in awhile," said Tim Conahan, chief of police for OAA.

Conahan says the garage will add 3000 more spaces for public and rental car parking.

Starting Thursday at 9 p.m. the Surface Parking lot and the Canopy Lot will be closed.

There will be two new cell phone lots for drivers to wait for people who are flying in, and an additional 500 spots in the South Lot.

He says there will be a phone app, called FlyOma, you can use to see how many parking spots are open.

"Even before they leave for the airport they'll know where they can park once they get down here, making it a little more efficient for them," Conahan said.

Conahan says more than four million travelers came through Eppley last year.

"When the airport is growing generally we see the city is growing alongside us," he added. Construction will start in May.

The garage will cost $89 million dollars; it's paid for through bonds and rental car fees.

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