Family goes to farm to 'rent a chick' for Easter

Family goes to farm to 'rent a chick' for Easter

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) – The Ingold family rented chicks for Easter this year.

"These things may be cute, but they take a lot of effort," said Savannah Ingold, the daughter of the family.

The program is appropriately called "Rent-A-Chick," something being offered by the Barreras Family Farm in Omaha.

Savannah is in charge of caring for the two chicks.

"Sprinkle some food, because they're hungry, they're still babies. We make sure to clean out their water, and put down fresh paper towels, and make sure we check on their heat," said Savannah.

They're keeping the chicks for two full weeks, and then they'll bring them back to the farm.

"It teaches children a lot of responsibility, as well as the fact that it gives them a chance to interact with animals that they might have not had a chance to interact with," said Savannah's mom Deanna Ingold.

At the Barreras Family Farm, they've been renting out chicks for three years in Omaha.

"We realized people were buying them from feed stores and other things for Easter," said Mariel Barreras. "We understand people think they are cute, and they want to learn about chicks around the holiday, but there had to be a different solution when they grow up."

The Ingold's have one more week with their little chicks.

"They're adorable little animals, I feel like it's bringing our family closer together," said Savannah.

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