Family searches for stolen memorial decoration

“They were our only kids, two boys," Jill Matchus said.

You might think the grave sites of your loved ones would be the last place any thief would hit, but that's not the case for one family in Louisville, Nebraska.

The family tells FOX 42 they've put stuff at the gravesite for years and nothing was ever taken, until now.

“They were our only kids, two boys," Jill Matchus said.

Kyle and Mikey Matchus were both killed in a car accident in June 2009.

Their graves are made in the shapes of a bike and a truck.

“Mikey loved motorcycles, his Harley and four-wheeler, and Kyle, since he was little, loved John Deere and tractors," Matchus said.

That is why Matchus says they put a custom-made Harley Davidson sign next to them.

However, Matchus says it was stolen likely sometime within the last two months.

"It makes me mad," she said.

At first, the couple thought it may have misplaced, so they searched the entire graveyard with no luck.

"Since then, I've been keeping an eye out for it, listening to word of mouth. trying to find out who took," Matchus said.

She says it may be just a sign to someone else, but it carries a lot of meaning to their family.

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