Farmers voice their concerns of flooding to engineers

"We will flood again, without a doubt," said Donette Jackson, who remembers what it was like in 2011.

Farm land was under water, and millions of dollars in crops were lost.

"We are trying to get our grain production back before the flood. and experts tell you it takes years and years," she said.

Now, this farmer along the bank of the Missouri River doesn't want it to happen again.

She is hoping the Army Corps of Engineers will change how it manages it.

Right now, the Corps is working on six different plans, all of which would protect wildlife.

At least one, it says, would reduce the risk of flooding.

However, Jackson isn't happy with any of their ideas.

"When they do these spring pulses and fall pulses, they are letting a lot of water go, and it's going to enter onto the farm ground," Jackson said.

Though she isn't sure how to fix it, she does know she doesn't want history to repeat itself.

For now, Jackson will just have to keep working on the farm and waiting until next year when the Army Corps of Engineers is expected to make its decision on which plan it will go with.

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