FEI World Cup hits Omaha next week, organizers prep for athletes & horses

Director of Sport Jon Garner shows the stable area for international horses.

You wouldn't think of Omaha as a place for things like horse ballet, but come next week the city will be playing host to such an event.

In fact, it beat out cities like London and Hong Kong to do it.

Now, organizers are working hard to make the event a success.

Organizer Jon Garner said, "My dream was always to ride."

Garner says he competed in equestrian competitions for years.

"I rode in the UK and in Canada...never quite made it to compete at a world cup final."

That dream may not have come true, but now Garner, who is from Great Britain, is getting the chance to be part of a world cup final in a different way.

Garner said, "It's thrilling to be a part of something that's come like this and now we're here."

Garner is the director of sport for the 2017 FEI World Cup which will be at CenturyLink Center. That means he's watching over the setup process of arenas from start to finish.

Garner said, "Our job is to get the place ready, get it all set so they have the canvas to be able to go do their thing."

It's a big job, but one that he's grateful to be able to do.

Garner said "It's just great to be a part of the sport on a different get a chance to really put your sport in front of new people is always an exciting time."

The event starts next Wednesday. It will cost anywhere from $15 to $85 dollars to attend each session.

Organizers say Omaha was chosen to host this event for a number of reasons. They say having it at CenturyLink allows everything to be under one roof.

They also say there's never been an event like this in the Midwest before and that the FEI wants to get new equestrian sports fans.

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