First day of spring: Are you prepared for severe weather?

OMAHA, Ne (FOX42KPTM) - It's now the first day of spring. That means it should come as no surprise if severe weather is just around the corner. With that in mind, safety experts now recommend you start preparing for the unexpected.

"The weather is pretty erratic out here," said Bud Dodson, an Ace Hardware store worker.

Dodson has lived in Nebraska for about 50 years. He knows how quickly conditions can change.

"One day it could be snowing outside and the next day it could be sunny, warm and humid."

On the first day of spring, Dodson says it's not too early to start thinking about how you'll prepare for severe weather. At local hardware stores the batteries are out, the flashlights are ready to go and weather radios are in stock.

"You'll want to have one next to you during a storm. That way you'll know at all times what's coming and from where."

Before summer arrives, hail is always a threat. If you ask people in Blair about it, they'll tell you just how serious that threat can become. The city dealt with a hailstorm three years ago.

"That storm was just devastating. We had a similar storm back in 2004," said Joe Peleska, an insurance agent.

Safety experts say it's always a good idea to have extra water and food on you. That way you'll have something to keep you nourished during a storm.

"It very well could make a difference."

Two weeks ago, severe weather rumbled through the Omaha area. It was a reminder from Mother Nature about what lies ahead.

"Everybody should be ready," said Dodson.

Insurance companies are now offering tips that can help keep you safe during severe weather. They recommend you take care of loose branches now to prevent them from falling on your home later. You're also urged to inspect and repair your rooftop as needed.

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