Freezing rain hits Omaha metro

Freezing rain hits Omaha metro

If you've lived in the Omaha area for long enough, you know that Friday’s weather was pretty unusual for this time of year.

The rain and low temperatures took a lot of people by surprise.

Patrick Dickau said, "I wish it was about 40 degrees warmer."

That’s how Dickau and many others in the Omaha metro felt on Friday.

"It's a little bit chilly today and this time of year it's usually beautiful out,” said Heather Groz.

"It was pretty bad. There were a few times we thought about pulling over and stuff,” said Nicole Hottovy.

She and Roger Cluck were visiting from Missouri. They drove to Omaha on Friday morning.

Hottovy said, "We were watching the temperature drop and drop and drop, and we were getting more and more aggravated."

Hottovy says there were a few times during their trip where they hydroplaned because of the pouring rain.

"It started coming down and coming down quick,” said Hottovy who hopes the rain will be the only thing that falls this weekend.

She said, "If there's snow in May or April I will be really mad."

Stephanie Streett was visiting Omaha from Phoenix, AZ.

Streett said, "I thought spring was going to meet me here so this is just like when I was here in February."

Dickau says this kind of weather is just part of living in the Midwest and that “it's going to start warming up soon enough.”

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