Gas station in Dundee now called a "safe place" for kids

Gas station in Dundee now called a "safe place" for kids

OMAHA,NE(FOX42KPTM)-A gas station in the Dundee neighborhood has now made itself an official safe place for kids.

The idea is that if a child is in danger, he or she can go there for help.

Parents say this is the best way to keep the community involved.

It's not just a gas station. It's also a place children can go for safety.

"These are people that know what they're doing, these are people that have been trained to know the right protocol if something bad does happen."

Megan Hunt has a 7-year-old daughter.

She said, "I've told her if you ever don't feel safe, if you ever feel nervous or scared, it's OK to go to the gas station."

It's called 'Abs 66' on the corner of 50th Avenue and Underwood in Dundee.

"For them to know that they for certain they have somewhere to go is great," said T.J. Weiss

Weiss says if children see the sign, it means it’s a safe place to go if they're in danger.

But it took a lot more than simply putting up a sign.

The staff needed to sign papers from the youth emergency services center to be an official safe zone.

Then, someone from the group heads out to train them.

Weiss said, "We would bring them in the back, away from everyone else, away from customers, get to know what’s going on, what's the situation and we would call youth services."

The idea comes from the wall of missing children in the gas station.

Weiss says he wants to do what he can to make sure no more children end up on it.

"I brought up to my boss and said why not and we went for it.”

What makes this place different from others safe zones?

"The people we have here know everybody and everybody knows everybody."

But if you live in the neighborhood and not sure if it's safe for your kid to go there for help.

“If you don't know us, you want to know us, come by and say 'hi' and meet us, realize everybody is really cool and really nice."

"They make it a safe place for parents like me to know it's a good place to raise kids," says Hunt.

For Hunt, that's what makes the Dundee neighborhood a home.

You may contact Youth Emergency Services for more details.

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