Girl opens lemon 'aid' stand to raise money for flood victims

Girl opens lemon 'aid' stand to raise money for flood victims

On Labor Day, little Elleana Stitnicky setup shop right in her parents' driveway.

"We're just doing a lemonade stand cause we wanted to help the people in Texas get through the flooding," said Elleana.

It turned into a family project.

Six year old Elleana, her mom, and siblings manned the table while dad passed out fliers.

"I can't tell you how proud my wife Rachel and I are of Elleana," said Andy Stitnicky. "She's been wanting to do a lemonade stand for a while and instead of doing it to make money, she did it to collect donations and supplies so we can send them down there to the people in Texas."

Some neighborhood kids even emptied their own piggy banks.

People from all over stopped by to donate.

"I think it's not only important to support Houston, but to support the young girls who thought of the idea," said Kathy Mainelli, who lives close by.

Elleana raised more than $300, and handed out more than 50 cups of lemonade. She also collected five boxes of diapers, wipes and bottles of water.

"This is our way of giving back," said Stitnicky.

"It feels really good," said Elleana.

The Stitnicky's say they plan to match the amount of money that was collected at the stand. It brings the total amount to more than $600.

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