Glenwood native rides out Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico


PUERTO RICO (FOX42KPTM) - A Glenwood, Iowa native now living in Puerto Rico is cleaning up. He told FOX 42 News Thursday the powerful Hurricane Irma forced him and his wife out of their home. Fortunately, they were able to return.

"We just made it back today," said John LaRue, the Glenwood native.

LaRue considers himself lucky. The apartment he lives in got some water damage, but he can still live in it.

"Overall, the damage was nothing compared to what happened on those smaller islands."

As the storm approached, he evacuated to his mother-in-law's place. Pictures taken by LaRue show just how bad it got on the island. Trees are snapped and debris is everywhere.

"People are still going to be without power for three to four days. For some parts of the island, maybe even longer."

LaRue is now back home and busy cleaning up his apartment. Something he worked on all day Thursday.

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